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3. “Ships and piers in the harbor”

10. “Gateway to a patio of a private home”

11. “The waterfront of the city”

12. “The shore line”

13. “Street scene”

14. “An Aymara Indian of the better class”

15. “Llamas in the streets”

20. “A wayside shrine, with a llama pack-train”

21. “A straw boat”

22. “Street scene”

23. “Marketing in the streets”

24. “Llamas in the courtyard of a hotel”

28. “Mending a straw boat on the shore”

30. “A water carrier”

31. “Ruins of the old Inca fortress”

32. “A large copper smelter”

33. “An Indian woman”

39. “Cattle raising on the Peruvian plateau”

42. “Andean Goose - Chloephaga Melanoptera”

45. “A fishing raft returning with a good catch”

47. “Bird's-eye view of the city”

48. “Birds on the coast near Salaverry”

49. “The rocky shore near the city”

50. “In the zoological garden”

54. “In the native shopping district”

57. “The harbor”

58. “Types of the city children”

59. “A water carrier”

61. “Landing passengers in a chair”

62. “The bathing beach”

64. “The plaza and Cathedral”

65. “Garden of the Exposition Grounds”

66. “Interior of the Cathedral”

68. “A typical washer woman”

70. “Street showing homes of the poorer class”

71. “Aymara Indian mother and child”

73. “The Capitol Building”

76. “A small inner harbor of this important port”

77. “Typical street in the heart of the city”

78. “View of the city from the Cathredal tower”

79. “Straw boats”

80. “Ships in the harbor”

81. “Aymara Indians”

82. “Llamas”

83. “The Cathedral”

86. “Llamas in the mountains of central Peru”

89. “Copper smelter near Cerro de Pasco”

90. “Indian market scene near the city of Cuzco”

91. “The Inca throne facing the rising sun”

92. “Ruins of the old Inca fortress”

96. “Llamas in the mountains of central Peru”

98. “Juliaca”

99. “Birds on the coast of Peru”

100. “The market square”