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1. “A small inner harbor of this important port”

2. “Ships in the harbor”

3. “The Cathedral”

6. “Llamas in the mountains of central Peru”

9. “Copper smelter near Cerro de Pasco”

10. “The Inca throne facing the rising sun”

11. “Ruins of the old Inca fortress”

14. “Juliaca”

15. “The market square”

17. “Homes of the natives, and street life”

19. “The spinning room of a large woolen mill”

21. “The National University of Lima”

22. “Indian woman delivering milk”

24. “The bull-ring of the city”

27. “The small plaza facing the harbor”

28. “Ships in the harbor”

34. “An old Spanish doorway”

36. “Indian market scene near the city of Cuzco”

40. “In the cloisters of the Dominican Church”

43. “Plaza de Armas with the old Cathedral”

44. “Office of 'All America Cable Co.'“

45. “Garden of the Exposition Grounds”

46. “Interior of the Cathedral”

48. “A typical washer woman”

50. “Street showing homes of the poorer class”