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53. “Ships and piers in the harbor”

56. “The public water hydrant in the plaza”

60. “Gateway to a patio of a private home”

61. “The waterfront of the city”

62. “The shore line”

67. “A water carrier”

68. “Ruins of the old Inca fortress”

69. “A large copper smelter”

70. “An Indian woman”

77. “A fishing raft returning with a good catch”

79. “Bird's-eye view of the city”

80. “Birds on the coast near Salaverry”

81. “The rocky shore near the city”

82. “In the zoological garden”

86. “In the native shopping district”

88. “The harbor”

89. “Types of the city children”

90. “A water carrier”

92. “Landing passengers in a chair”

93. “The bathing beach”

95. “The plaza and Cathedral”