Embroidering: A Healing Exercise

Grupo de mujeres taller bordando
Group of women at a workshop embroidering

On the anniversary of Ciudad Segundo Montes, we presented embroidery as a cultural tradition that accompanied these women through the period of uprooting they endured during the war and the resettlement after. Embroidery symbolically allowed the of mending those parts that were broken or torn by violence.

Now, their embroidery, their voice, and their memories tell the story of their experiences during the war.

The "Meeting of Embroiderers of Memory” took place in the Quebrachos Youth Center in Segundo Montes, where a group of 25 women from Morazan shared their memories about their artisanal work in the Colomoncagua camps.

A team from the Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, led by anthropologist Georgina Hernandez, developed an event in which attendees recounted their experiences and listened to live music by Felipe Torogoz. Also, new embroideries were made from the perspective of their present.

Mujeres en taller de bordado
Anciana bordando
Niña en taller de bordado
Mujeres bordando
Women embroidering

Workshop Participants:

  • Santos Margarita Rodríguez

  • Luisa García

  • Leonarda García

  • Teresa Portillo Castro

  • María Reyes Saén

  • Juana Atanasia Santiago

  • Patrocinia Hernández

  • Placida Iglesias

  • Paula Argueta

  • Francisca Sánchez

  • Melva Alvarez

  • Salvadora Orellana

  • Luisa Vigil Portillo

  • Blanca Isidora Benítez

  • Marta Santos Martínez

  • Felipe Torogoz

  • Florentina AmayaIrma Díaz

  • Lucio Vásquez

  • Mercedes Sánchez

  • Irma Rodríguez