Art and Architecture of National Banks in the Middle East

National banks' visual expressions of identity, power, and strength are a ripe area of research. In just this handful of examples, researchers can find considerable material for analysis. For example, both the Egyptian (Bank Misr) and Iranian national banks evoke their pre-Islamic heritage in their symbols and design. The Bank Misr logo and the National Bank of Iran book plate seem torn from the famous ruins of the pharaohs and Achaemenid empire, respectively. The architecture of the main bank branches also reflects an obsession with the pre-Islamic past, combined with an eye for contemporary architectural trends.

Bank Misr logo
Bank Misr Tower Lobby

Bank Misr: Report Logo and Tower Lobby

National Bank of Iran--Firdawsi Branch, Tehran
National Bank of Iran Book Plate

National Bank of Iran: Firdawsi Branch in Tehran and Book Plate