Ground Floor (basement)

Post office, "A Photographic Tour of The University of Texas"
Clipping from "A Photographic Tour of The University of Texas," showing the U.S. Post Office University Station at the south side of Battle Hall.

In 1934, the building went through a transition when the library moved to its new facility, the Main Building and Library Extension (otherwise known as the Tower). The building was then renamed as the “Old Library.”

University Post Office

Robert Leon White, Supervising Architect for the University, remodeled the building for its new occupants, the Fine Arts Department and the University Station Post Office. The Post office, operating out of the ground floor, included a stamp window and mailboxes, with its entrance door at the south façade until 1949.

Accessions Room

BTL006 originally served as the receiving room for new library accessions. In 1934, when the library moved to its new quarters in the Main Building and tower, it became the university’s Stenographic Bureau. Upon the opening of Barker Texas History Center in 1950, it returned to servicing research collections. In 1997 in celebration of the archival gift and life of prominent architect and School of Architecture faculty member, it was named the Charles W. Moore Room, where it now serves as the viewing room for the Alexander Architectural Archives.

Other early occupants on this level included: United States Post Office (1934-1949), Real Estate Rentals (1939-1946), Office of Veterans Housing (1946-1950), Bureau of Economic Geology and its Well Sample Library (1947-1948), Liberal Arts offices, and Custodial Services.