About You Are What You (Do Not) Eat


I am deeply indebted to the authors, contributors, and editors of these zines. Without their work, without their vulnerability, this exhibit would not exist. I urge readers to support Latinx zinesters as much as possible by following them on social media and purchasing issues. Keeping their work in circulation is a powerful way to preserve diverse perspectives and counter-narratives.

Additional thanks are due to the many UT Libraries staff who helped make this exhibit possible: Mary Rader, Jenifer Flaxbart, Gina Bastone, Sydney Kilgore, Allyssa Guzman, Anna Lamphear, Brittany Centeno, Mirko Hanke, Theresa Polk, and Albert Palacios.

Citation: Arbino, Daniel, curator. (2018). You Are What You (Do Not) Eat: Decolonial Resistance in U.S. Latinx Zines. https://exhibits.lib.utexas.edu/spotlight/latinx-food-zines