4.) Pastorelas in the Present

While Pastorelas are still being performed today in the traditional manner, they have also been incorporated into a more overtly political realm to address modern ideas of morality. Many modern reditions have tackled contemporary themes such as socio-economic disparity, immigration, fake news, DACA children, and DREAMers. They also portray people such as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as Satanic figures and migrants, women, social activist and others as the shepherds being attacked or tempted by evil. They have incorporated other contemporary creations such as Game of Thrones to give a new spin to how a pastorela can be told. Cinematic versions of note include La Pastorela: The Shepherd's Tale (1991), starring Linda Ronstadt and Cheech Marin and Pastorela (2012) starring Eduardo España and José Sefamí. Pastorelas appeal to both religious and secular audiences by portraying the never-ending battle of good vs. evil, with good eventually obtaining victory.