Anti-Communist Materials

UTL’s anti-communist pamphlets are broadly representative of a number of ideologies and forces both within and outside of France. These range from monarchist critiques of Bolshevism, as in the case of Comment les Bolcheviks a'emparèrent du pouvoir et comment ils parviennent à le détenir depuis sept ans (How the Bolsheviks Seized Power and How They Managed to Hold it for Seven Years) which was published by the Russian Monarchist Party in France, to religious appeals against communism, as in Bolchevisme et Christianisme (Bolshevism and Christianity).

These pamphlets illustrate both a diversity and an overarching cohesion of opinion against communism following the communist revolution in Russia. While the authors of the pamphlets come from various ideologies and backgrounds, they are united in their opposition to the rising tide of militant labor organizing and parliamentary activity by socialist and communist parties that existed both before and following the October Revolution in Russia.