Pro-Communist Materials

UT Libraries’ collection of pro-communist publications present a number of perspectives varying from practical defenses of the Party (e.g., Le Parti Communiste défend le pain et le foyer de tous les chômeurs, or The Communist Party Defends the Bread and the Home of All the Unemployed) to French translations of tracts in defense of the Soviet-led Communist International, or Comintern, as in the book L'internationale communiste au travai (The Communist International at Work). Translated pamphlets help to underscore the explicitly international characteristics of the communist parties united under the banner of Lenin’s Third International.

Two pamphlets in this collection deserve special mention. Le surréalisme contre la révolution (Surrealism Against the Revolution), attempts to delineate the incompatibility of the surrealist movement with communist politics, attacking it as a fundamentally bourgeois enterprise populated by privileged artists and intellectuals. Another pamphlet, Lettre ouverte aux membres du Parti Communiste, or Open Letter to Members of the Communist Party, directly addresses Party members with critical questions aimed at strengthening communism in France. This latter pamphlet can be seen in the context of a broader communist emphasis on self-criticism and debate, often in the midst of internal ideological struggles, carried out through open dialogue between Party members.