Military Education

Military education, like journalism, was an important project for the Soviet Union. Military schools allowed the burgeoning Bolshevik government to promote a strong state, to advance a conception of the Red Army as both valorous and noble, and the ideology of the state.

These pamphlets shown here were used to encourage children to enroll in military schools. Rabochai͡a molodezhʹ--v voennye shkoly! (translation: Working Youth: To Military Schools!) encourages children to attend military schools, and contains pictures of amenities in the schools, such as the chemistry lab and the radio club--novel enterprises unavailable in “regular” schools.

The next pamphlet, Boevaia komsomol'skaia estafeta, addresses the role of the komsomol, a political youth organization in the Soviet Union. It is sometimes described as the youth division of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), although it was officially independent and referred to as "the helper and the reserve of the CPSU." The pamphlet includes many pictures of Komsomol members engaged in various wartime activities, including aiding members of the Red Army and engaging in a pole vaulting competition.