Kottayam Pushpanath Novels (English)

This novel is set in the background of witchcraft, sorcery, and black magic. The story is about the fight between white magic and black magic and shows the success of good over evil.

This is the story of the ghost of one "Dr. Robert" who gets resurrected from the tomb and ends up haunting the inhabitants of Pandavan Hills. We are introduced to the ghost when the author begins to investigate the murders of some beautiful women.

This is a realistic romance novel that narrates the love story of Ashwathy and Ravindran and tracks its development in the context of their life struggles.

This is a detective novel that delves into the investigation of a premeditated double homicide of popular film actress Dalia and her lover Indrajit.

Wealthy and beautiful Nirmala Rajagopal is brutally raped and murdered. Her husband Advocate Rajagopal is believed to be the culprit and is arrested. What follows, however, is a series of murders.