The University of Texas at Austin Libraries is developing a collection of popular and pulp fiction in the regional languages of South Asia. In addition to the literary content of these novels, novellas and serialized stories, the graphic covers are also of great interest as documented through this online collection of scanned covers. The entire physical collection is discoverable through the UT Library catalog.

Many hands have made this collection and these exhibits possible, including: Benn Chang, Katie Coldiron, Mitch Cota, Daniel Dillon, Lucy Flamm, Charlotte Giles, Allyssa Guzman, Mirko Hanke, Uri Kolodney, Luisana Lopez, Darsana Manayathu Sasi, Nicole Marino, Wendy Martin, Ashley Morrison, Esmeralda Moscatelli, Sri Navuluri, R. Prakash, Mary Rader, Aaron Sherraden, and Brittany Stratton.