डकैती का जादूगर
Mary Rader (South Asian Studies Librarian), Neha Mohan, and Aaron Sherraden (UT PhD Student) on an acquisition trip in New Delhi, India

"In January 2017, I had the lucky chance to go shopping for Hindi Popular and Pulp Fiction titles in New Delhi, India, accompanied and assisted by current UT PhD student Aaron Sherraden and former UT staff member Neha Mohan. After visiting many closed shops across town, our luck finally turned when we hit the jackpot at this shop near the Red Fort that supplies popular books to train station sellers (a parallel to airport bookshops). It was not a 'nice' shop, certainly not in a 'nice' area—shockingly, immediately opposite the entryway to the shop was an enormous garbage heap (just beyond the cardboard boxes pictured here). We held our noses and amused ourselves, noting that we were buying 'trashy novels' literally next to the 'trash.'"

  • Mary Rader, South Asian Studies Librarian